House rules
  • Participation in the services is allowed to anyone who is Jewish or wants to be Jewish, regardless of his or her ethnic origins and official Jewish legal status. Persons of other religions are welcome as occasional observers.
  • There is no need for participants to confirm their presence in advance: we do not have reserved seats.
  • Male visitors are expected to cover their heads with a yarmulke, hat or cap. Women are free to cover their heads (also with a yarmulke) if they wish.
  • During the services most men and a growing number of women wear a tallit - prayer shawl. Those who follow other religions are requested to not wear a tallit.
  • Visitors are welcome dressed in smart casual wear, but no shorts and no bare bellies or backs are permitted.
  • Please keep talking to a minimum and ask your children to stay calm. You are advised to accompany crying children to the hallway. 
  • It is allowed to make photographs during the services, provided you do not cause any inconvenience. We are happy to receive copies of your photos (Secretaris (at)
  • Any advertising of other religions is forbidden inside the synagogue and on its grounds. Anyone who breaks this rule will be permanently denied access to our activities.  


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